covid-19 updates

covid-19 updates

let's kick covid-19!

Venues are beginning to reopen, and a lot of our players are asking when they can get back to playing. Still, others aren’t quite ready.
So, in order to accommodate both, once we have the green light for your league you will receive an email offering the following two options…

Option A

Play your remaining games as soon as possible

  • All players must agree to follow prescribed health & safety guidelines.
    1. Wash or sanitize hands before taking the field/court.
    2. Avoid hugs, huddles, handshakes and high fives.
    3. Maintain at least a 6 foot distance whenever possible.
    4. Adhere to any venue-specific policies or requests.
    5. Stay home AND report if you or anyone with whom you’ve had contact has a fever, cough and/or difficulty breathing.
  • Player safety is paramount. No amount of precaution can guarantee a completely sterile environment, so all participants agree to play at their own risk.

Option B

Receive a credit for your remaining games

  • CALCULATION: If you played 3 out of your 7 games, you will receive a credit for 4/7ths of what you paid. (We are covering the administrative and shirt costs.)
  • Credits are fully transferable, will never expire, and can be used whenever, wherever and for whatever activity you are comfortable.

Last Update: September 25

City of San Antonio

Status: Open
Rusty Lyons, Olmos Basin, Tony “Skipper” Martinez Softball Field

Bowling Centers

Status: Open

Private Sports Venues

Status: Open
Mainland Sports Complex, SoccerZone, Factory of Champions, Chicken N Pickle, STAR Soccer Complex


Status: Open
Sideliners Grill

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We have a new registration platform

We recently made the switch from LeagueApps to League Lab to handle our registrations. Got questions? No worries – check out information about the new platform!