Midpoint! (Wednesday’s)

Tallest midgets

Tallest Midgets 


Week Three of basketball at Factory was intense and full of lots of great games!
To begin the night, Practice picked up their first win of the season against No Good Clippers after looking much improved from the last two weeks. Sacks and Racks then faced off against Butts and Nuts. Both teams being undefeated, this made this game intense. Butts and Buts were able to come away with the win, 15-11.


Suicides Squad and Don’t Make Me Popovich played a very physical and exciting game later in the night, and though Popovich lead much of the game, the Squad came back and was able to steal the W, 17-16.


Tallest Midgets faced off against Butts and Buts in another close game, and both teams fought hard to get and keep the lead. In the end, Butts and Buts came away with the win.


Pippin ain’t Easy and Hoops I Did it Again closed out the night with two great-looking wins, moving them to the middle of the pack and putting them in great position to contend for a playoff spot.


As the season moves along, games will become even more intense and the stakes will get even. Don’t miss a second of the action; join us next week for Week Four!