Ballers Known Round the World! (Wednesday’s)

Wednesday night Basketball at the Factory of Champions had some great games and many close games that had the fans and other teams entertained! First off, we had Rain Drop, Drop Top against Dropping Deuces which went back and forth with different lead changes throughout the whole game. Dropping Deuces was able to pull the win with a 20-18 victory in the last minute of the game.




The next big game of the night was between Hoop, I Did It Again against Hispanic at the Disco which was a defensive game that favored Hispanic at The Disco at the end of the game with a 15-14 victory.




It was a great night of basketball with many teams beginning to show life on the winning side of the bracket. This is definitely one of the most competitive seasons yet for SSC Basketball as many teams are bringing their A game out to the courts!