Buckets for Days! (Wednesday’s)

Transitional Dime Droppers


Week Four is in the books, and teams keep getting better! More and more games are going the full length of time, a testament to the defensive skill on the teams. Only two more weeks to remaining!!



Our first game highlight of the night was between Buckets and Grabbing Assists. Both teams are pretty solid defensively, and this game met expectations. Both team’s defenses weren’t allowing for easy points, and both teams fought tenaciously for loose balls and rebounds. ¬†However, it was the offensive rebounds that became key for Grabbing Assists, who pulled off the win when time expired, 11-10.


Our second game highlight came between Monstars and Transnational Dime Droppers. Both of these teams have a lot of talent on the roster, and this game didn’t disappoint. Monstars’ female started it fast and early, becoming a single-person wrecking crew. She could hit the three ball, or drive it in and get the lay-up. However, not to be outdone, Transnational Dime Droppers own female was almost unstoppable from behind the arc. With time dwindling, and down 19-14, TDC went on a scoring run. With seconds left, and trailing 19-18, Dime Droppers hit a shot from behind the arc for the win 20-19.