Champs of the Court! (Wednesday’s)

Butts and Nuts


Our first game highlight of the night was in the first round, between #4 Transnational Dime Droppers and #13 Alley Oops. Alley Oops was the bottom seed in the playoffs, so they came with a lot to prove. Dime Droppers got off to an early lead, with their big man playing hard for the short baskets. Eventually, driving in the lane by Dime Droppers started to open up their long game, but they struggled to score from behind the arc. Alley Oops took advantage, and with a late-game surge, tied up the game at 16. Despite some good looks and shot attempts, no team was able to break the tie as time expired. OVERTIME!!! Again, both teams got some decent looks, but Alley Oops’ female sent up a prayer of a shot for three and nailed it! Our first game of the playoffs, and we’ve already seen a major an upset. Alley Oops won over Transnational Dime Droppers 19-16


Our Championship game was between Old Skool and Butts & Nuts. Butts & Nuts was our only team to go undefeated throughout the regular season, and they were the favored team to win it tonight. The fatigue of having to play back to back to back games started to show for Old Skool, who put up a valiant effort. However, with phenomenal shooting form Butts & Nuts’ female shooters, as well as some key rebounds, Butts & Nuts soon took a commanding lead. Despite slowly chipping away at it, Old Skool just couldn’t quite catch up, and the Championship would belong to Butts & Nuts by a score of 20-11.



We want to extend a big thank you to all of our great players and spectators that helped make this an awesome and memorable season! We look forward to doing it all again soon!