Champs of the Hard Wood! (Wednesday’s)

Triple Threat


The first game highlight of the night comes between Tune Squad and Take it to the Hole. Both teams struggled from the opening whistle, with a low scoring game for both teams for the first half of the game. However, Take it to the Hole found their range, and started hitting the 3 to pull ahead. Tune Squad, playing ball with only three players, soon found their groove and started answering back. With the clock ticking away, and down 15-17, one of Tune Squad’s female player threw up a last second three and hit it, just as time expired, to get the W 18-17.

The championship game was between Triple Threat and the undefeated Dolls & Balls.  Let us tell you, both teams brought their “A” games!  Offense may win games, but defense wins championships, and both teams had stellar defense.  However, the big men of Triple Threat protecting the basket were too much for Dolls & Balls, even with their great outside shooting. Triple Threat was crowned this season’s champs, with a final of 20-15!


Congratulations to Triple Threat! We’d like to extend a big thank you to all of our great teams and spectators! Make sure to join us when we do this all again soon, we look forward to it! Check the SASSC website for details!