Crossovers! (Wednesday’s)




It was a great Week Two of basketball at Factory of Champions as many teams are showing their chemistry on the court with some great defense and shooting.


First game of the night we had Team LIT and Duncan Donuts show up with a great performance on the court with a nail bitter game as they both exchanged shots all game as it came down to the last shot for both teams. Tonight, Team LIT had the last shot and they were able to take advantage of it by sinking a bucket to win 20-19. Tallest Midgets continue to dominate this season as they remain 4-0, but still have many teams to face to call themselves champions. Another great game was between Dropping Dimes and Go Harden in the Paint. The game exchanged shots all game, but came down to the last seconds with Go Harden In the Paint winning with a last second shot and a score of 18-17. Team Ballin vs Uncle Drew’s Team sure had some great shots from the outside so we expect these two teams will be contenders for the playoffs.