Females on Fire (Wednesday’s)


Our first game highlight was between Vertical Intensity and Don’t Make Me Popovich.  Both teams have outstanding players, and in this showcase the female players on both teams stood out!  However, it was the combined offensive capability of Popovich’s two tall females that won them the game.  When the final whistle blew, Don’t Make Me Popovich won, 17-14.

Our second game highlight was between Tune Squad and Lake Minneonka Purifiers.  Both teams have some veteran players, and stellar offensive capabilities.  Tune Squad struck first and fast, with some outside shooting.  However, the big men for Purifiers soon made their presence known on the boards, and made some crucial rebounds.  It was this that decided the game, and when time ran out, Lake Minneonka Purifiers came out on top, 20-19.

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