Final Stretch! (Wednesday’s)

It was a fun evening at Factory of Champions for our Wednesday Night Basketball league.  We have a total of 15 teams competing to see who can take home a championship.  We have a number of veteran teams like Tallest Midgest, Cold Cuts and Sacks N Racks.  We also have a lot of veteran players who have become friends over time.  This has been a very fun season for these teams and players.



Tonight we saw Butts and Nuts win both of their games and jump into the #1 spot in the overall standings. Right behind them, we had Sacks and Racks also walk away with two victories to stay at the top of the pack in the #2 spot overall. Tallest Midgets continues to shot the lights out and could very easily make a run at the championship and win the whole thing. Cold Cuts and Make It Drizzle have also continued to win games and keep themselves in the hunt for a championship.



Regardless of the standings, a number of our teams come out and have a great night every single week. We appreciate all of the positive attitudes by everyone each and every day. Good luck in the final couple of weeks leading to the playoffs!