Final Week! (Wednesday’s)

Triple Threat


Week Six has come and gone, and a special thanks are extended to all the teams that came out and gave it their all this season! We had one team that managed to remain undefeated this season, though they faced some serious contests! Looking forward to the intensity that comes with playoffs next week!  Safe and happy holidays!


Our Social Team of the Week is Triple Threat! Their opponent, Hot Cheetos, only had two people show up tonight. Despite what could have been a huge advantage, they showed good sportsmanship by themselves only playing two people at a time. That wasn’t required on their part, but it was sure appreciated!


The first game of the night was between Cookies & Kareem and Take it to the Hole. Cookies were coming off a hard-fought game and were well warmed up for this one. They got off to a quick start, eventually going 15-5. However, Take it to the Hole called a timeout, and came out with renewed vigor. A succession of threes later, and the score was tied 15-15.  Both teams battled, exchanging buckets until the score was 19-19.  However, a clutch free throw by Take it to the Hole clinched the epic come from behind victory.


Our other great game was between Hot Cheetos and Triple Threat. After Hot Cheetos arrived short-handed with only two players, Triple Threat, in an ultimate display of good sportsmanship, also only played two players. An epic 2v2 match was played, with both teams going on little streaks. However, Triple Threat pulled ahead with 60 seconds left, and as hard as Hot Cheetos tried, they couldn’t get the ball to drop. Triple Threat held strong and got the win when time was finished by a score of 19-18!


Make sure to join us next week for our final playoffs of the year! If you haven’t already, check the SASSC website for details about our upcoming winter season!