Hardwood Classics! (Wednesday’s)


Go Harden The Pain


It was a good night for basketball as we are one week closer to the playoffs and many teams are ready to compete for the championship!



Dixon Cider is our only remaining undefeated team in the league right now, but Old Skool just barely trails them with only one loss. We had some other great games last night with some back and forth score changes. We had Ballin and Team Blank faced-off last night with a scoring battle. Ballin was very aggressive on defense which shutdown Blank’s three point shot many times and were able to take the win with a 20-18 score. We also had another great game between Duncan Donuts and Harden the Paint, as it was the battle of the females in this game as each teams’ girls were the main factors of this game. Both teams had very skillful females and great rotation throughout the game. A Harden the Paint female took one for the team as she took a charge to change the momentum of the game which led to an offensive run for her squad. Both teams showed great defensive skills as time ran out on both of them and giving Harden the Paint got the win tonight with a 16-13 score.



Its anyone’s game at this point to make it to the playoffs  we got two weeks left and well see who’s ready to make the game winning shot.