Hardwood Classics! (Wednesday’s)

Butts and Nuts


Our first game highlight is between Envy and Butts & Nuts. Both teams have some serious talent, and this game didn’t disappoint. What started out as their females going back and forth penetrating into the lane, soon opened up the game for their guys. While both teams were hitting the long ball, it was the height on Butts & Nuts that won the day and the game, 21-16.

Our second game was between Don’t Make Me Popovich and Sham Yao.  Both teams struggled at first to get points on the board. However, Sham Yao’s female got the team going, with their big guys getting crucial rebounds. However, Don’t Make Me Popovich’s phenomenal outside shooting kept the game competitive. With time running out, and the score tied 15-15, Popovich drove in, missed, got the rebound, and dished it out to their star shooter, who shot a loooooong three. It fell short, just as time expired, leaving both teams tied at 15.


As we approach the conclusion of our season, every game will be crucial moving forward! We’re in for an exciting finish! Regardless of the result, make sure to also join as at the Hangar following each game all season long!