Hardwood Classics! (Wednesday’s)

Grabbing Assists


Another week down, and another week of phenomenal basketball.  Good job to all the teams! Our Social Team of the Week goes to Grabbing Assists! They played a great game, but most importantly, displayed great sportsmanship when the game was tight. Their honest is appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed!




The first game highlight was between 4 Kings and a Fair Maiden and Hispanic at the Disco (which, has the arguably funniest team name we’ve seen in a while). 4 Kings jumped off to a quick start with their girl hitting some crucial threes. However, Hispanic started to find their rhythm and soon started matching 4 Kings for buckets. 4 Kings, however, went on a little scoring drive, and although Hispanic made a run for it, 4 Kings emerged victorious, 20-19.


Our second game Highlight was between All Star Ballerz and Digital Dashers.  Both teams are some of our newer members to SSC, but that doesn’t make them easy teams. Both teams have outstanding chemistry playing with each other, and this game didn’t disappoint. Both teams would take turns going on little runs, and both teams are also outstanding defensively. However, with time winding down, Digital Dashers went up 17-14, and although Ballerz got out a crucial three with time winding down, it wasn’t enough. Digital Dashers game up with the win 17-16.