Hardwood Classics! (Wednesday’s)

Week Five is in the books, which means we’re almost done with the season, and games are starting to get intense! Keep bringing your “A” game, and set your eyes on making playoffs!



Our first game highlight was between Digital Dashers and Big Easy. Both teams came to play, and defense was spectacular. Big Easy’s female hit some crucial shots, but passing was a bit of an issue, and Digital Dashers took advantage! Along with that, they made some clutch rebounds, and when the final whistle blew, Digital Dashers came out on top, 16-14.


Our second game highlight was between If You Ain’t First… and 4 Kings and a Fair Maiden. 4 Kings are known for their beyond the arc shooting, and they weren’t slacking tonight!  With some key shots, and rebounds, 4 Kings jumped to an early lead. However, If You Ain’t First soon found their game, and started challenging their opponents. After some lead changes, and with the clock winding down, 4 Kings’ female player nailed a three, which happened to also be the nail in the coffin. 4 Kings and Fair Maiden came out on top, 19-16.