Hoops for Days! (Wednesday’s)

Digital Dashers


Week Four in the record books, and what a night full of great games!! The season is more than halfway over, so start getting ready for playoffs! If you’re not sure if you’ll make it, make sure to bring your “A” game in the next couple of weeks!!! Shout out to our Social Team of the Week, Digital Dashers! They’ve got players with some of the best sportsmanship on the courts!



Our first game highlight was between Grabbing Assists and Don’t Make Me Popovich. Both teams are returning teams, and both have that team chemistry. Don’t Make Me came out strong, with their female hitting a three, and then following it up with a nice bank shot. Not to be outdone, Grabbing Assists soon found their groove, and with some phenomenal ball movement, starting getting some easy buckets. The game kept going back and forth, but with only three players for the night, Don’t Make Me soon was getting tired. Grabbing Assists took advantage, and with a late game surge, got the win, 20-16.


Our second game highlight of the night was between Rain Drop and Big Easy. Both teams are new to SSC this season, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t know what they’re doing. Both teams have some fantastic skills. Big Easy’s female came out of the gate firing on all cylinders, scoring seven of the team’s first eight points. Rain Drop soon countered, and a driving deul ensued. Rebounding became crucial, and Big Easy’s big man was key, making some excellent offensive rebounds.  Towards the end, Rain Drop struggled from behind the arc, which ultimately led to their downfall. Big Easy came up with the “W”, 20-15.