Hoops Till We Die! (Wednesday’s)

Duncan Donuts


It was a very intense Wednesday night as many teams came to play on the courts to fight for a playoff spot!


We had a very close game between Duncan Donuts and Still Got Game as they battled defensively and did not allow easy buckets. It was a low scoring game as neither team allowed the outside shot. With time running out, Duncan Donuts was able to pull away with the win with a 13-10 victory.


Our next game of the night was very intense as it came down to the last shot between Cookies and Kareem and Tune Squad. These vet teams exchanged buckets all game, but stout defenses made for some very tough buckets. With the game-winning shot, Cookies and Kareem were able to pull the win at the last second.


Last game of the night between Duncan Donuts and Triple Threat was also another defensive game as both teams did not allow easy drives to the rim. With time running out, a female on Duncan Donuts shot the game-winning three-point shot to take the score 13-11 to a victorious 14-13!