It’s time to crown a champion.

Chosen Few

It was a thrilling end to our regular season of basketball at Factory of Champions! It will go down as one of the most competitive nights of the season as teams fought hard to earn a spot in the playoffs next week. Characterized by close games and several upsets, if this week is any indication of the playoffs next week, we are in for some excitement.


One team that really made a case for their spot in the playoffs was Cookies and Kareem. Though they have had their ups and downs this season, they managed to hang on for 2 solid wins against formidable opponents, breaking .500 for the first time all season.  D-league of Etraordinary Gentelmen also continues their streak with two wins and nailed down the 6th spot in our rankings.


With only Rainin’ and Drainin’ left undefeated after Tallest Midgets handed Chosen Few their first and only loss of the season, the playoff picture is now set and the only thing left to be determined is how many teams will make it into next week.


With such a high level of competition this season, some teams ended ended up with a record not quite indicative of their improved play and their sportsmanship and finished out the season strong. The most improved teams of the season were definitely Monstars and Lob City.  Both had some really rough matchups but were able to get a couple of upsets and work better as a team. There were also teams that not only improved their game but also were a whole lot of fun to be around. Dream Team and People’s Pope-ovich share the honor of being the most social teams of the season.


Next week the top teams will duke it out to prove who is the best social basketball team in San Antonio. Who will win and who will fall? Only time and a few intense basketball matchups will tell. It’s anyone’s title to win.