Midway Point! (Wednesday’s)

Don’t Make Me Popovich


Week Three is in the books, which means that we’re now officially halfway through the season!!! Great job to all the teams, keep it up all season long!!!



Our first game highlight of the night was between Big Easy and If You Ain’t First… Don’t Bother. Big Easy came out of the gate to hit a three right from the get go as they looked to take control early. From there, they kept getting offensive rebounds and second chance shots. However, If You Ain’t First soon found their rhythm, with their females hitting some crucial threes to tie the game. Both teams kept going back and forth, exchanging buckets, but when the final whistle blew, Big Easy was on top 17-15.

Our second game highlight of the night came between 4 Kings and Fair Maiden and Don’t Make Me Popovich.  Both teams have some phenomenal talent, and this game didn’t disappoint. 4 Kings struck early, with their female hitting back-to-back threes, but they also struggled with some passing miscues which resulted in turnovers, and Popovich took advantage. With some outstanding outside shooting from Popovich’s female, it soon became a battle from beyond the arc. But when all was said and done, Don’t Make Me Popovich came out with the W, 20-18.