One Week Remains

Rainin and Drainin

Oh, how the mighty fall. This week provided us with a glaring example of that idiom and consequently gave us some brand new team rankings.

Pippen Ain’t Easy has been a team on a mission since week two. They have knocked out some pretty worthy opponents but not until this week did they face a team with as many offensive weapons as Kawhi So Serious. Unfortunately for Kawhi, they were missing two of those weapons and it really ended up costing them big time. They lost a nail-biter to Pippen on a buzzer-beater lob worth 2 points and a win. On top of that, they then lost to Rainin’ and Drainin’ who continued their dominance by securing two easy wins.

Another top team that has had a rough two weeks has been Tallest Midgets. Going from undefeated just to losing 3 and dropping all the way down to 6th place. It seems as though many of the top teams were off their game tonight as another upset almost took place when Monstars who are all the way at #12 in the standings nearly escaped with a win against second seeded Chosen Few who narrowly defeated them 18-20.

These new developments mean great things for teams like Lob City and Don’t Make Me Popovich. It has opened up the door for these teams to earn themselves a spot in the playoffs–a task that won’t be easy as they each have a game against at least one top-ranked team next week. D-League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is also in a good position to make the playoffs and should be sure to close out there two games in order to do so. Every team should have a goal going into this next week whether it be to break .500 or just to play a solid game that was better than there last–leave it all on the court.

If this week has shown us anything it’s that no matter how the rankings look one week, they can change in a matter of minutes. With the last week of the regular season coming up, each team will have to dig down deep and find the fight in them, gritting out each contest until the final whistle.