Reaching The Halfway Point





Don’t Make Me Popovich

We’re halfway through the season the season and the competition is really heating up. The four undefeated teams from last week kept their streak alive and remained the teams to beat but there were some other teams that really came alive and showed what they are made of, potentially putting themselves in a great spot to challenge one of those top teams.


Kicking off the night right, D-League and Don’t Make Me Popovich played in incredibly competitive game against each other. Neck and neck the whole game, Don’t Make Me Popovich pulled ahead by 3 with only a minute remaining in the game. A clutch 3 pointer by D-league’s lone female player, however, would tie this game up in the remaining seconds, giving us  our first tie of the season. If these teams can carry that level if intensity and play into other games, they will definitely gain some ground in the standings.


Lob City also stepped up big time last night, winning both of their close games to tough teams. One of those teams was Cookies and Kareem who, despite winning last week, were unable to come away with a win tonight. A missing key player and poor shot selection plagued the team and they will have to work hard to get back to into the mix of teams fighting for a playoff spot.


Next week will feature some key matchups that have the potential to really shake things up. We definitely will not have 4 undefeated teams next week as Kawhi So Serious and Tallest Midgets will face off early in the night. Tallest Midgets will also have to face Pippen Ain’t Easy who won both of their games this week and have really improved on their cohesiveness. Now with only three weeks left in the regular season, it’s time for every team to dig in and fight for a spot in the playoffs!