Straight Hoopin! (Wednesday’s)

Hispanic at the Disco!


Our first game highlight was between Thylakoid Threat and Dixon Cider.  Both teams are veteran teams, and each has a championship under their belts, so this was a highly anticipated game, and it surely didn’t disappoint! Dixon Cider’s female came out strong, scoring some quick points. Thylakoid answered back. Despite going back and forth for most of the game, Thylakoid soon gained the upper hand and held strong. When the final whistle blew, Thylakoid Threat came out on top 20-18.


Our second game highlight was between Hispanic at the Disco and Dropping Dueces. Dueces kicked off to an early start, hitting back to back threes. However, phenomenal outside shooting from Hispanic soon put them up by a wide margin. Despite a late-game run by Dueces, it wasn’t enough, and Hispanic at the Disco came out with the win, 20-18.