Three Point Barrage! (Wednesday’s)

Our first game highlight was between Envy and All Star Ballerz.  Envy is returning back from a successful last season, and Ballerz is one of our newer teams. Both teams came out swinging, but Envy had the advantage of having played together before, and it showed with some early baskets. However, Ballerz soon found their groove, and started hitting the deep ball while snagging key rebounds. With  two minutes remaining and the score 18-16 Envy, the intensity kicked into high gear.  However, when the final whistle blew, Envy came out on top, 20-19


Our second game highlight was between two new teams, Pura Vida and The Big Easy. Both teams are Free Agent teams, but with the chemistry that appeared on the court, you’d never have guessed it. Both teams excelled at defense, with neither team allowing a basked for the first four minutes! When they finally started scoring, both teams were quick to answer a bucket back.  With time winding down, and the score 12-11 in favor of Big Easy, Pura Vida put up a jumped, just as the final buzzer sounded, to tie the game up 12-12!!! What a game!