Back to the Hills! (Tuesday’s)

The Oak Hills Lanes called SSC players back to bowling for the first Tuesday of the year! After getting a few practice rolls out of the way, teams were ready to take on the world, and a few pitchers (of course). We would also like to give a shout out to both Split or Swallow and Pin Pals who were awesome and extremely understanding of the lane mishaps!

With the new handicap system in place, teams did not know exactly how well they were doing against their competition. However, that didn’t stop anyone from having a good time. A team that benefited from the new scoring was Lucky Strikes, who ended the night as the only 3-0 team. They didn’t have one game in particular that stood out, but that consistency benefited them in the end. They only won one game on raw score, but were able to handicap their way to wins.

On the opposite end of the handicap spectrum were Redemption Strikes and Tight Ends Strike Back. They bowled fairly high scores but the way their schedule was made had them scoring more points in the wrong match-ups. Each team would escape the night with only one win, however Redemption Strike was able to pick up a 899 all tie with Split or Swallow.

Don’t forget that we are off next week but will return for three more games following our return!