Bowling It Up

St. Patty’s evening was off to quite a start with some immense spirit at the Oak Hills Bowling Lanes! A few team members sported lit up green clover headbands, green beer drinking, and A LOT of cheering. All teams were extremely pumped up as they settled into their second week of bowling. Bowling Stones had an entire crowd cheering at every bowl that hit the lanes — you could just hear pin after pin falling down as they faced off with Gutter Trash. However, Gutter Trash wasn’t far behind them, bowling strike after strike, after strike, after.. strike. Really though! Ultimately putting Gutter Trash as the highest scoring team of the night, and falling closely behind them was Prestige World.

Grab My Balls and Red McCombs each put forth their best for a very close game, but Red McCombs ended up coming out with a win during the first round. Then quietly at the last lane, Michaela from Split Happens ended up with the highest female score for the entire night, and ultimately winning their first and second round of games!  But despite the numbers on the board all teams gave their all during the evening – they were cheering for their team mates, high-fiving for a good try and for strikes, drinking, and eating good food!

We will see next week if anyone can give Gutter Trash a run for their money, so stay tuned (and don’t rule out anyone just yet!)