Champs of the Lanes! (Thursday’s)

Prestige Worldwide


That’s a wrap! Another great season at Bowlero, that is. Over the last few weeks, five great teams have bowled well, had a great time and had plenty of drinks on the lanes. Tonight, four teams vied for the opportunity to hoist the final Championship banner of the year. We’ve seen close games all season, but perhaps none as close as our scores this evening!


We began tonight with just four teams and worked all the way down to one! First, top-seeded Prestige Worldwide would take on the all female team, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter. If you know anything about Prestige, they bring their A-game each and every night. This is a tough team as even them on their C game they would probably win. Gutter was able to put up a very respectable 936, a score that could have won the other match-up, but it wasn’t enough against the statement-making Prestige’s 1002. Opposite them, Red McCombs battled it out against No Split Sherlock. Sherlock ended first with a score of 847, and at that time, McCombs must have been on edge. They were down about 120 with three frames to bowl. Like veterans do, they found a way to take care of business and win by a margin of 65.

Prestige Worldwide versus Red McCombs Toyota, two staple, veteran SSC bowling teams. Whatever their rivalry record was before, it was irrelevant as tonight was a new game with everything on the line. Early on it was tough to predict who could run away with this one. Frame after frame, it was close. Both teams consistently stayed within the same frame as the other, so it was easy to tell that this one would come down to the wire. Fearful, Red McCombs must have bowled the tenth frame of their lives as they really added some points in their last attempts. When it was all said and done, 918 is how they would finish. Meanwhile, down about 40 points and two bowlers remaining, the first bowler threw a gutter ball on her first attempt. *Gasp! She would recover in her second attempt by hitting eight. Prestige’s last bowler is the anchor for a reason, as he has proved he can perform under pressure. His first ball left his hand and he…hit two pins. Everyone is clearly on edge. Ball two leaves and he hits four. Would it be enough? We forgot to mention that the first bowler was coming off a spare, and the last bowler off a strike in the ninth frame. With those bonuses, their final score…922! It perhaps the tensest final frame in SSC history, four pins would decide and declare Prestige Worldwide the Championship and the opportunity to continue their worldly reign!

Congratulations to Prestige Worldwide! We’d like to thank all of our awesome teams for making this a great final season! We look forward to doing it all again soon! If you’re interested in joining us for our winter season, check out the SASSC website for details!