Champs of the Lanes! (Thursday’s)

Livin’ On a Spare


With playoffs finally coming around, bowling got a little more intense tonight. The teams all struggled through tough semifinal matches as the competition was certainly stiff tonight.


Livin On A Spare took on The Big Le’Bowlskis in the first semifinal of the night and got the benefit of 42 free pins. Livin On A Spare didn’t seem to have any need of those pins in the early frames as they left only a few open frames. However, the Le’Bowlskis came on strong starting in the seventh frame with multiple strikes. Sadly for them, they started their comeback attempt too late and, while they won on raw score, they were unable to overcome the handicap and fell 948-914.


The other semifinal turned out to be a slugfest as both Project X and Prestige Worldwide left few pins standing. Prestige bowled perhaps the best game of the season with a 712 raw score. But Project X easily had their best game of the season bowling a 611 and when their handicaps were added, X walked away 1020-984 winners. Both teams deserved to make the Finals, but for Prestige, they met the hot hand at the wrong time.


Livin On A Spare took on Project X in the finals and after their fantastic performance in the semis X looked to be the clear favorites. In the Finals, Spare was able to continue the consistency that they’ve shown all season long, but Project X lost all momentum in the final round. While Project X was getting free pins through the handicap scoring, their second game score fell by more than 150 pins. That drop-off was enough for Livin On A Spare to win the championship 939-868.



A big thank you to all of our great teams and spectators this season! Everyone was amazing, and we look forward to doing it all again soon! Bowling begins again next week, so this break will be short and sweet!