Champs of the Lanes! (Thursday’s)

Project X


The playoffs are here! And as always, we cannot leave the night without a champion crowned, and tonight was no different! Four teams fought for the opportunity, yet only one was crowned! We want to thank all of our great teams and spectators this season, we look forward to doing it all again soon! Our next season starts April 27, so check the SASSC website for details!




Bartender Smash was named our Social Team of the Month! They were a great addition to the SASSC family this season as they all had a blast each and every week! Keep it up Bartender Smash! As always is our Social Team of the Month, an award given to one team of the entire SASSC, they received compliments from our good friends at Bud Light. Catch them in the newsletter next month!




In our semifinal matches, a shorthanded Bartender Smash would take on the hot-as-of-late Project X. Though X didn’t have their best game of the season, it was enough to escape the shorthanded Smash. Smash features some very good bowlers, and without their anchor, they fell just short. Opposite them, despite a very solid game by Metallic Zebra, they were hurt by the fact that only one of their bowlers earned a third bowl in the final frame. Despite it coming down to the wire, their opponent, Big PinPin came through in the clutch to end this one 900-887.


Our Finals would then be Big PinPin and Project X! X’s slow start to the season granted them the edge of a generous handicap, but PinPin is full of solid bowlers that made up the difference. Though they they have strong bowlers, they also seem to like connect the dots (spares), and this championship match was no different! Despite this hurdle, they were able to put up a very respectable score going into the final frame. But the final frame would be their Achilles heel. Where they once prospered in the 10th, they struggled in this match as only bowler was able to earn a third bowl. Opposite them, Project X had two bowlers earn a third, with each getting a strike. Those third bowls would be the difference tonight as our final tonight, 928-863 in X’s favor. Congratulations Project X!



We want to extend a big thank you to all of our great teams and spectators! You all have been amazing, and we can’t wait to do it again soon!