Final Week! (Thursday’s)

The Big Le’Bowlskis


The final week of the season started with a bang as teams came out bowling better scores than usual.
The match-up of the first time slot was the Big LeBowlskis and Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter. The LeBowlskis came into the night knowing that they would have to win twice to have a shot at playoffs next week and the first one was a nail bitter. LeBowlskis were paced be an excellent effort by their leading male who bowled a high score for the night of 169. They finished their frames first so they could only sit and wait to learn their fate. As Gutter’s frames ticked down the gap got closer and closer. Their valiant effort was too little too late as they fell in a close one 920-913.


The second match for each team was a bit anticlimactic. Most teams bowled their worst, or close to it, game of the season. However, that didn’t keep the evening from finishing on an interesting note. Three teams would wind up tied for the final two playoff spots so now we sit and wait to see how the tie breakers treat everyone. Who will be the poor team on the outside looking in for the big Dance?


Next weeks schedule will be posted soon, keep your eyes peeled.