Final Week! (Tuesday’s)

Pin Pals


The final week of the season produced a rare sighting, the 1000 pin game. Split or Swallow had the two highest games of the night and started things off on the right foot bowling a 1076 in their opener. They needed both of their wins in order to secure themselves a playoff spot for next week. Although they will go in as the three-seed a repeat performance of this week could very well see them holding the championship banner.

They’ll be joined there by the Pin Pals, whose 1-1 performance on the evening would see them through into the Dance. It’s been a back and forth season for Pin Pals as they’ve been in more than a few close games. They’ve lost games by one and two pins, but have also been able to pull out two and five pin wins. With that track record if they have any nails left to bite they may be all gone after next week’s playoffs.
While the playoff spots are decided everyone will have games scheduled for next week. Keep your eyes on your email to see when and who you play for the final week!