New Season! (Thursday’s)


Split Happens


And that’s a wrap! Week One is in the books and this new bunch of bowlers look to continue having a great time on Thursday nights! We have a great mixture of returners, SASSC veterans from other sports and of course, new faces. Each player contributed to an awesome first night and we can’t wait to experience the rest of the season with you all!


Our Social Team of the Week is our individual team, Split Happens. With all of them meeting each for the first time, they didn’t let the introductions stop there! They wanted to meet everyone!

In their games this evening, they took on previous season bowling team, Red McCombs Toyota. Red has some sharp bowlers, and this is going to be a tough match-up for many teams all season long. Though Split put up a good fight, they would fall in a closer than expected, 614-579.

“Split” does happen for this indy team tonight, as their second pairing was against another veteran team, Prestige Worldwide. As their name suggests, they have international stardom, and that’s directly related to their bowling skills. Prestige, also already having had their warm up game, came out in striking fashion and took care of business, 692-548. Nonetheless, Split Happens kept their heads up and had a great time!