One Week To Go (Wednesday)

Lucky Strikes entered the night a perfect 6-0, looking to finish the season untouched. They had played in close prior, but they always found a way to strike up a win. Wednesday night, Lucky faced familiar faces in the always comical Grab my Balls. Lucky started the night hot and looked to have control of the match, but tenth frame heroics fueled Balls to a surprising 460-451 victory!
In our second match-up of the evening, Lucky was able to recover some momentum against the Gutter Gang, while Spare Me continues to ride their streak moving in to the playoffs with a closer than match-would-indicate 441-409 win over the previously victorious Grab My Balls.

As always, no one is guaranteed a victory at Bowlero and we look forward to great competition next week in the playoffs! Make sure to bring you “A” games!