Opening Week! (Thursday’s)

Bartender Smash


Bowling begins again at Bowlero on Thursday nights! Four great teams are joining us this season, some SSC veterans, but many new faces to the SASSC community! We welcome each of them and look forward to the awesome atmosphere that they will help create and maintain! As always, bowling and booze are synonymous, and tonight was no different!



Introducing our first Social Team of the Week, we have Bartender Smash! Mostly a new group of SSC faces, this team came out drinks flowing and pins flying!



Tonight, our Social Team of the Week went up first against the Metallic Zebras. Smash may new to SSC, but they clearly aren’t new bowlers as four of their players exceeded the 120 pin threshold! This would be highlighted with their highest scorer (159), who bowled four strikes! They would take this one, 624-552.



Secondly, they would take on Big PinPin. With a name like that, you could only expect greatness from their opponents. Though Smash’s highest bowler only saw a 135, there was great consistency among the entire team. The deviations around that score were slim, so it was all going to come down to Smash’s final bowlers when the game was close. When their anchor bowler was called upon, he delivered. Two consecutive strikes and a nine to finish, it would be enough to narrowly escape Big PinPin’s big game. The final in this one, 563-551.



We look forward to another awesome season at Bowlero with these great teams and spectators!