Pin Point Accuracy! (Thursday’s)

Livin’ On a Spare


With the final handicaps of the season already decided, Week Three gave each team the chance to know exactly how well they would have to bowl in order to walk away victorious. The handicaps did their job resulting in two excruciatingly close games.

The Big LeBowlskis and Prestige Worldwide entered their match as the teams that averaged the highest scores so far.  Unfortunately for each team, they fell victim to a 10 pin that refused to fall. Balls that would normally be strikes were left as spares and spares left as open frames. For Prestige this was a bigger problem as their handicap would give them less free pins when the round concluded. In the 10th frame, they were able to get that pesky pin to fall and escaped with an 880-872 victory.

In the next lane, Livin on a Spare took on Can’t Believe It’s Mot Gutter in an even closer match. Livin on a Spare bowled a more consistent match and put up solid numbers through each frame. For Gutter, however, it seemed that it was more hit or miss and for the middle frames it was all hits. They took the lead until the final frame when all of their hits turned into misses. As time began to thin, Gutter just couldn’t keep consistency and they fell 942-936.


Next week marks the end of the regular season and each team has a chance to play for the championship the following week. Good luck to everyone in Week Four and beyond!