Put Up Those Bumpers! (Thursday’s)

Prestige Worldwide


What a night! After two weeks off between the first and second week, players at Bowlero were ready to get back to the lanes! In what was a super bowling night, our teams played a staggering four games each! More games mean more time to drink and socialize, and that’s exactly what our players did!


Our Social Team of the Week is Prestige Worldwide! They’re obviously known for the bowling skills around the globe, and they certainly let those skills show on Thursday nights! They’re long time SSC veterans and along with their game, they bring social attitudes!

Tonight, in our four-game fiesta, Prestige took Red McCombs, the Ghost Team, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter and No Split Sherlock. Their results tonight, 3-1, tying them for the best record of the night. Their sole loss came to Gutter. It was a close one, but Gutter took that one, 931-815. Another of their close games came between them and Red McCombs. This would determine who tops the standings, and this one was a nail-biter! Prestige would take this one, but it was a narrow five-point win, 887-882.