Social Storm (Thursday’s)


Tonight, our Social Team of the Week is Rain Drop, Pin Drop! A group of new faces to the SSC community, they came out and played lights out on the lanes! Really! It was super dark there! But that didn’t stop them. To compliment their good play, they kept the booze flowing all night long!


Tonight, our Social Team of the Week first took on I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter. Gutter has had a solid two weeks, so their handicap was working against them tonight. Closer than the score might indicate, this one ended in Rain Drop’s favor, 854-819.

In the second match-up of the night, Rain Drop, Pin Drop faced Split or Swallow! The bowling balls were swallowing up pins tonight, spitting them every which direction! Split was on fire tonight, but Rain Drop held their ground. Split played with a quicker pace and finished first, so it was a nail-biter as Rain Drop bowled their final frame. In the end, Split had the game of the season and finished with a whopping 964! That was too much for Rain Drop, who also bowled a good game, but finished with a score of 864.

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