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Social Storm (Thursday’s)


Tonight, our Social Team of the Week is Rain Drop, Pin Drop! A group of new faces to the SSC community, they came out and played lights out on the lanes! Really! It was super dark there! But that didn’t stop them. To compliment their good play, they kept the booze flowing all night long!


Tonight, our Social Team of the Week first took on I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter. Gutter has had a solid two weeks, so their handicap was working against them tonight. Closer than the score might indicate, this one ended in Rain Drop’s favor, 854-819.

In the second match-up of the night, Rain Drop, Pin Drop faced Split or Swallow! The bowling balls were swallowing up pins tonight, spitting them every which direction! Split was on fire tonight, but Rain Drop held their ground. Split played with a quicker pace and finished first, so it was a nail-biter as Rain Drop bowled their final frame. In the end, Split had the game of the season and finished with a whopping 964! That was too much for Rain Drop, who also bowled a good game, but finished with a score of 864.

League Breakdown (Tuesday’s)

All of these teams highlight the night every night. They are all very friendly and they socialize with each other and they encourage each other to make for a good bowling atmosphere.


It was a fun night. As of now, it looks like Irritable Bowl Syndrome has recruited the most competitive talent, as they continue to put up solid scores week after week.


Spareless Whisper is the take risk team. They let it fly on every throw up at the lane, you might get a strike you might get nothing, but they let it fly.


Red McCombs is our veteran team. They have been with us for a while now and they bring consistency week after week. Although they don’t dominate on the scoreboard, they can put good scores together quickly.


The Jort Sort is our family team. They have fun week after week and just enjoy spending time at the bowling alley.

Like a Knife Through Butter (Thursday’s)


Week Two of Bowling out here at Bowlero brought all that SSC is about: brews, friends, and a great night. All four teams came out to bowl and party for another great night of SSC Bowling!

Some notable performances included Ernie from I Can’t Believe It’s not Gutter. He would set the bar high for the men this week, as he bowled 177 in his first game and 122 to lead the way with a total of 299. Debbie from SA HIGG would lead the way for the females with a 113 and a 93, giving her a total of 206.

Bowl Movements (Tuesday’s)


These 4 teams are great. Their are folks who all work together and a family playing together, and they all take the time to say hi and socialize with each other. It has been a fun season so far.


We are now in week two and we have identified some really strong bowlers, Irritable Bowl Syndrome is going to be tough to beat with their two male bowlers who are solid but they also have females carrying their load.

The Red McCombs Toyota team also has a very strong bowler who has been with us for a while now, he continues to be their consistent scorer and will try to carry them to the playoffs.

It will be interesting to see how the handicaps come into play and impact the overall records for each team.

Forecast, Scorching Summer Scores (Tuesday’s)

What a great night of bowling and SSC really has accumulated some solid bowlers. Scores reached as high as 200, with others in the high 170’s, showing that the league’s bowling skill level has really taken a leap.


It didn’t matter what teams were battling it out they were all having a great time bowling and cheering each other on. This is going to be a nice season of social talent to set the scene each night.

Kings of the Lanes! (Thursday’s)

Grab My Balls


What another great season we had over at Bowlero! It was an awesome playoff as all teams came out to bowl for a championship!



Jumping right into it, Bowlhemian Rhapsody did what they have done all season and defeated Red McCombs Toyota to advance to the championship, 638-620. The High Rollers were upset by the underdogs, Grab My Balls, in the last frame to advance to the championship as well, and by the slimmest of margins, 539-534! The championship was a very close match throughout, but never count out the underdog in any story. Grab My Balls, from the bottom seed was able to pull the upset of the season in every sport by winning the championship with some great frames by their males, 516-472. It was one great season and hope to see everyone out next season! And as always, we want to thank all of our great teams and spectators this season, each of you made it an awesome time! See everyone soon!

Final Bowls! (Thursday’s)

The High Rollers


Bowlero strikes again! It was another great night of bowling as we roll into the last week of the season! By this point, every team is trying to find a spot for the playoffs. The High Rollers against Red McCombs Toyota was the game of the night. This was one of the closest games we’ve had, but The High Rollers, as they have been doing all season, are dominating the pins as they took another win tonight. They took on a good opponent in Red McCombs Toyota, but they were too much tonight, winning by 55 pins, 654-599.




Next week is going to be interesting playoffs and it doesn’t appear there is a clear cut winner. Look for each team to make a big statement next week! Be there next week to support your local bowlers and enjoy some great food and drinks at Bowlero!

Fancy Striking! (Thursday’s)

Red McCombs Toyota


Welcome back to another fun night of bowling at Bowlero! After finding their rhythm, teams are coming out each week having a ton of fun knocking some pins down and enjoying some great beverages like Bud Light and Michelob Ultra!




Bowlhemian Rhapsody against Red McCombs Toyota was a great game as their game came down to the last pins to determine the winner. Red McCombs Toyota came in the clutch as their females were able to have some big strikes that help them come out with the win. We are going into the final week of the season and many teams look to be fighting for the final playoff spot but having a fun time doing it.

Bowlers Heard ‘Round the World! (Thursday’s)

It was a great Thursday night of Bowling at Bowlero as many teams had a rough Week One and Two of bowling, but sure had fun! Bowlheiman Rhapsody has found some consistency and they sported two victories, one against the favored High Rollers, which came down to the last frame of the night with Bowlheiman Rhapsody taking the win. Red McCombs had a rough start of the night but had a huge victory over Grab My Balls to stay in the race for the top seed. Unbowlievable had a better week, but fell short of some wins, but expect them next week to come out to the ally for another win. First two weeks of the season are showing a promising great finish for most bowlers but anything can happen in the coming weeks!

Champs of the Lanes! (Thursday’s)

Project X


The playoffs are here! And as always, we cannot leave the night without a champion crowned, and tonight was no different! Four teams fought for the opportunity, yet only one was crowned! We want to thank all of our great teams and spectators this season, we look forward to doing it all again soon! Our next season starts April 27, so check the SASSC website for details!




Bartender Smash was named our Social Team of the Month! They were a great addition to the SASSC family this season as they all had a blast each and every week! Keep it up Bartender Smash! As always is our Social Team of the Month, an award given to one team of the entire SASSC, they received compliments from our good friends at Bud Light. Catch them in the newsletter next month!




In our semifinal matches, a shorthanded Bartender Smash would take on the hot-as-of-late Project X. Though X didn’t have their best game of the season, it was enough to escape the shorthanded Smash. Smash features some very good bowlers, and without their anchor, they fell just short. Opposite them, despite a very solid game by Metallic Zebra, they were hurt by the fact that only one of their bowlers earned a third bowl in the final frame. Despite it coming down to the wire, their opponent, Big PinPin came through in the clutch to end this one 900-887.


Our Finals would then be Big PinPin and Project X! X’s slow start to the season granted them the edge of a generous handicap, but PinPin is full of solid bowlers that made up the difference. Though they they have strong bowlers, they also seem to like connect the dots (spares), and this championship match was no different! Despite this hurdle, they were able to put up a very respectable score going into the final frame. But the final frame would be their Achilles heel. Where they once prospered in the 10th, they struggled in this match as only bowler was able to earn a third bowl. Opposite them, Project X had two bowlers earn a third, with each getting a strike. Those third bowls would be the difference tonight as our final tonight, 928-863 in X’s favor. Congratulations Project X!



We want to extend a big thank you to all of our great teams and spectators! You all have been amazing, and we can’t wait to do it again soon!