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Final Stretch! (Thursday’s)

Footy McFootface


Welcome to another week of indoor soccer! We’re marching our way through the season, ready for the upcoming playoffs!



Our second game of the night saw an undermatched Footy McFootface team only playing with one female on their team. However, they did not let this affect their game much. Misfits were always going to give them some trouble, and in the second half that certainly was the case. Misfits stormed back from down 5+ goals to bring them to within two goals with two minutes remaining. They tried and tried to feed their female players on the team, but in the end, Footy played just enough defense to come out on top. Great game. The final in this one, 18-16.

Hot Shots! (Thursday’s)



Our Social Team of the Week is Scorpions! Despite being a free agent team, each week they get along great and come out and play some solid soccer! They talk and laugh and communicate freely. Fun to see them.




Ivory Toast played a spectacular match against Footy McFootface. Both teams know each other very well and play hard against one another. This match featured no shortage of offense as both teams combined for 45 goals! It was fast paced and frenetic, however, in the end, Footy were able to come out on top winning by a margin of three goals, 24-21.

Fancy Footwork! (Thursday’s)

Footy McFootface


Misfits and Footy McFootface played another great game! From the beginning, this one was very competitive and fast paced. Goals were scored left and right, male and female, and long bombs and short pitches; lots of exciting goals. Misfits fell behind by five-plus early, but worked their way back to cut it to two with two minutes remaining! Footy was determined to pick up the win tonight and found a girl goal to lock up the win.

Alive and Kickin’! (Thursday’s)

Messico and Hattricks, our two social teams of the year got together and played a very fun match-up. Both teams weren’t taking themselves too seriously and understood the spirit of what we try and bring to SSC. Great game.




Ivory Toast played their arch rival in a stunning match. Both teams played pretty physically, and it got pretty intense at times, but at the end of the day both teams congratulated each other. There were some great goals and intense moments during the game. It was all what we could expect from a highly intense match-up.

Nothing But Net! (Thursday’s)

Our Social Team of the Week goes to Hat Tricks! They’ve struggled at times to generate offense and get key stops, but one would never see their spirits damper. They’re always enthusiastic and really bring great things to our Thursday nights!



For our featured match-up, Messico! took on a grueling opponent. Messico was always down the entire game, but never more than five. They tried as hard as they could to overcome the deficit, but their opponents were just too much for them. Messico got tired towards the end and let in a few extra goals bringing the score to 17-12 but it always felt closer. Great game.

Opening Week! (Thursday’s)

Ivory Toast and Oh My Goal played a great match against each other. Things were mostly even throughout the game, with the final two minutes being the most exciting. Oh My Goal was down down and scored a female goal which looked to seal the deal. However, in the final 30 seconds, Ivory Toast had one of their girls shoot straight for goal, through a couple of defenders, and go straight in for the win. Great game as this one ended 21-18.



Around the league elsewhere, Messico took care of Hat Tricks, 14-8, and Thunder buried Misfits FC in a close 18-16.

Champions Crowned! (Tuesday’s)

Playoff night and the teams did not disappoint!



First game featured two teams who were friends and knew each other well, Thunder and Messico!. Thunder took the lead early in the game and never looked back with a convincing win. Game two was a match-up of the two and three seed in Cholos y Damas and The Big Green. This was a close game in the second half and resulted in a tie! We went to a penalty shoot-out, which came down to the last shot to decide a 2-1 shoot-out in favor of The Big Green!



Our Championship teams were set, and this season brought us Thunder and The Big Green. The Big Green were trying to put up a fight early, but eventually ran out of gas trying to keep up with Thunder. Thunder went on to a convincing win in the championship game. Congratulations Thunder!



Congratulations to all the teams who competed all season and congratulations especially to Thunder for their championship win! It was a spectacular season, and we want to thank all of our great teams for making it awesome! We look forward to doing it all again soon!



(Please email the league for championship photo).

Final Week! (Thursday’s)

Ricky’s Angels

Look Ma No Hands and Ricky’s Angels played a spectacular game, which earns it our featured game of the night. Look Ma never fell behind by too much in the first half and played with a lot of heart and stamina. The second half was competitive, but Look Ma finally began to look as if the grind of the game began to wear them down a bit as they were struggling to find goals. Ricky’s Angels were just too much for them and the game ended 18-14. Great game.



Don’t forget that everyone now gets a seventh game, even if they just fell short of the playoffs! We look forward to an awesome seventh week!

And New Champions…


The regular season was over and the postseason cane in full kick. Superchamps and Vacas Flacas drew a matchup against each other. Superchamps seemed to be down from their usual stable of backups, but as was Vacas. Vacas were able to pull out the upset.



Twerkers 2 FC and Son of a Pitch alao had a lively matchup.. The cooler heads prevailed in this match that saw twerkers dispatch the Sons.



Ivory Toast did a job dispatching Vacas, so they met Twerkers in the final. This was maybe the most competitive and hard played match of the season. Both teams were not willing to concede. Toast did go down to the man advantage for their first time in recent memory, but clawed back, and even took a one goal lead. However, Twerkers were able to regain control and took the accolades of this season home with them.

All Comes Down To This

The final week of the regular season was a show-stopper as many teams were pushing to solidify their record and show they have what it takes in the postseason.


Misfits FC had a tight match with Houlihan’s who had never looked better than before tonight.  Houlihan’s were able to demonstrate much more ball control and worked efficiently.  However, Misfits were just that much more tighter about their work and were able to pull out the win in the end.


Twerkers 2 FC and Vacas Flacas also had a tough matchup against each other.  Twerkers absolutely dominated the ball possession as they were able to play keep-away for much of the entire match, frustrating Vacas who desperately needed a win.  Vacas pulled to within 2 goals with about a minute left, but the ball possession is what killed them, never able to retain the ball back.


Ivory Toast played Scorpions in another well played match.  Scorpions were on the ball alot of the time and were never able to let Ivory Toast just completely have their way with them.  There was a time in the second half where the man advantage due to score was had.  Scorpions were never able to recover from this point, and we will see if they have enough clout to make the postseason.

In our final matchup of the year and of the regular season, Superchamps were taking on Son of a Pitch.  Superchamps display a TON of team camaraderie which helped them throughout much of the match.  However, the skill displayed by Son of a Pitch is what kept them ahead most of the match.  Both of these teams will be tough draws once we reach the playoffs as both teams head in strong.