Five D’s! (Wednesday’s)

Reservoir Dodge


We are nearing the end of the season and we had a night of firsts. Reservoir Dodge was able to pick up their first win of the season and gotcha finally suffered the bitter sting of defeat.


Reservoir Dodge has been slowly improving all season, even if their win total never budged from 0. It all came together for them in Week Five however as they took on Dodging and Creaming. All their hard work and training and dodging wrenches came to a head as they were able to not only win but win in an impressive 4-0 manner.  With one week left in the season can they improve on their result?


While Reservoir Dodge would pick up their first win of the season Gotcha finally suffered their first loss.  After seeming nearly perfect all season Week Five was a tough one for them. They nearly doubled their lost game total for the season. Their perfect season came to an end at the hands of Don’t Peg Me. In a seven-game thriller, Don’t Peg Me was able to single out Gotcha players and whittle them down until it was 3-on-1 at which point it was time to sit back and make the other team press the action.


That win coupled with an earlier W may signal a turning point for Don’t Peg Me. They had entered the night with a .500 record but now find themselves on a three-match win streak. Can they continue that streak on their way to a championship?