Blazing Balls! (Wednesday’s)

Week Five has come and gone and we had yet another fun night of dodgeball at Factory of Champions. We saw yet another game seven in our first game of the night and had a great time all around. As the regular comes to a finish next week, we are glad to see everyone having a fun season and getting better at dodgeball!



Social Team of the week goes to Hit It & Acquit It who, even though they were down players, still brought out the most players to the bar afterwards and were having a great time. Its good to see our teams at the bar after the games and having fun together.



Our night got off to a bang once again with another game seven to start. Hit It & Acquit It and Throwbocop went back and forth for the first six games and it came down to the wire. In the end, Throwbocop came out with a win in the Game of the Night.



We have had awesome games being played all season and as the playoffs approach we can only expect more.