Can’t Escape the 5 D’s! (Tuesday’s)


Average Joe’s Gym


Another great week has compelted here at SA Force, and every team has themselves a win! With more than half of the season gone, teams have started to round into shape and more and more games are coming down to the wire.

It was a long long night for Average Joe’s Gym as they had to struggle through two, seven game matches, with another one going six games. They started off the evening having to hold off a rally against Duck Duck Dodge. After taking an early lead, it seemed as if the Joe’s took some time to relax and it nearly cost them.  Duck came back and forced a seventh game, but were unable to seal the deal and fell 4-3.

Joe’s didn’t have much time to recover from that match as they were scheduled to play Vicious and Delcious. Viscious was playing with only six people for the second week in a row, but that didn’t stop them from jumping out to an early lead. Although they would drop a game or two, from there they were still able to emerge victorious 4-2.

From there it was time for the Joe’s to make a comeback attempt of their own against Gonzaba Medical Group IV Leaguers, who had won their first game of the season earlier in the evening. The IV Leaguers had a 3-1 lead and looked to be going home undefeated on the evening. But then the wheels fell of as the Joe’s picled up game after game. As they did previously, they were able to win the crucial game seven and emerge 2-1 on the night.