Dodge This! (Wednesday’s)



The dodgeball season is in full swing and we are starting to get a bit of separation in the standings. Balls were flying back and forth as people tried their best to be a hero.


For Duck Duck Dodge the day was a tough test of their abilities. The started the evening off against Don’t Peg Me. Don’t Peg Me has been dominant in some games and a shadow of themselves. This game started out with each team bringing their A games as the games went back and forth. Eventually, though DDD would prove to be too dominant and win 4-1.

That celebration would be short lived however as they were scheduled to take on Gotcha in the next match. Gotcha had handed DDD their only loss so far this season and before the nigh was over they would hand them their second loss. This game was closer than the first though and the 4-2 score in favor of Gotcha was perhaps a bit unfortunate to DDD. Each game was competitive and relied heavily on which team was throwing towards the wall. (Note to all Rock Paper Scissors players…if you win choose to throw at the wall).


Don’t Peg Me dominant side came out for their second game of the night. They took on Reservoir Dodge and never gave them a chance. A quick 4-0 victory left them even for the night just as they have done all season. If they could string together a good week or two who knows where their limit is.