Lucky Number 7 (Tuesday’s)


Week 3 was perhaps the most competitive week so far with 3 game 7’s and a game 6 added in for good measure.

Turner looked as if they were going to pick up their first victory of the season against HitDodgeRun. They started the night on the front in the first few games but HitDodgeRun rallied when they needed it the most and forced a game 7. HitDodgeRun were surgical in the 7th game picking off players from Turner until only one remained.  At that point it was just target practice.  Despite a spirited effort of dodging and ducking eventually the final Turner player would fall as would they 4-3.

Another 7 game series promptly followed, featuring Run and Gun vs Sirens.  Just as Turner had done, Sirens jumped out to an early lead only to be clawed back by Run and Gun. Sirens found themselves with 2 game points but lost the first one, one in which they were quickly eliminated.  The final game however was quite different.  Run and Gun quickly found themselves down to their final guy.  Despite a valiant effort he was only able to eliminate 2 players before he was a victim of a ball to the foot. Sirens were victorious 4-3 and managed to even their record for the season at 3-3.

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