Midway Point! (Wednesday’s)

Capital Group


We are now halfway through the season and teams are starting to get the hang of dodgeball.



Capital Group has been .500 through the first three weeks of the season, and their Week Three performance looks promising for them as the season progresses and for the Corporate Cup for which they are training. Their first game of the week was also a rematch of their first game of the season. Their season started with a whimper, losing 4-1 to Don’t Peg Me, but what a difference some practice can make. They came out firing and took the first game quickly.  From there the games got more difficult but they would not be deterred and avenged their earlier loss 4-0.


Their second game of the night was a little less satisfying. They ran into the undefeated Gotcha who continued their perfect streak with a 4-1 win. Gotcha has been dominant all season having only dropped five games out of 29. Their streak will face a tough test next week when they face off against Duck
Duck Dodge. DDD’s only loss this season has come against Gotcha, but otherwise has only dropped three games themselves.