Sound the Alarm (Tuesday’s)


A new location and new teams made week 1 interesting for everyone.   Side lines and back lines have been replaced with walls which took away out of bounds but also asked balls to roll back to the other side, providing new intriguing elements for potential game play.

It took the newer teams a little while to grasp the strategy of the game. Our 1 individual team, Duck Duck Dodge, had to go up against Gotcha to start their season. Gotcha has a near unblemished dodgeball record, so triple D was looking to a rough welcome to start their season. Though, it could be a blessing in disguise, as they got a first hand opportunity to pick up any tricks from a well seasoned team.

For the first time in SASSC history, we have an all female dodgeball team. It is only week 1, and they already have the biggest fan base, as everyone stopped to watch them play.  They were able to sweep their first match of the night before taking Gotcha to 6 games in a loss.


Impressive results by these bold competitors. Can these crafty innovators bring forth an evolution to the current dodgeball dynamics? Time will tell.