Week One! (Tuesday’s)


Vicious and Delicious


After a bit of a hiatus, dodgeball has returned to SA Force! With a number of new players, Week One can be considered a learning experience for most teams. What our teams don’t have to learn? Having a blast!

Duck Duck Dodge had a bit of an advantage going into their match with Gonzaba Medical Group as they had a few veterans to help them along.  However, for the vast majority of players, the first match of the night was their first dodgeball experience. The D’s started off strongly taking the first two games of the night, but Gonzaba picked it up fairly quickly. They picked up two games to make it a proper match, including one in sudden death. However, they would come up just short, losing 4-2.

While Average Joes had a returning player or two, they also had the misfortune of running into Vicious and Delicious in their first game of the night.  As they normally do Vicious ran over their opponents. In fact they would go 12-0 on the night to start the season off perfectly.