Show Me Your TD’s! (Wedenesday’s)

Fail passes

Failed Passes



Teams showed up early and ready to bbq! The night started with a small teaser sprinkle, but it then got fresh and perfect for some football. Teams had their music on and their game faces ready to go tonight. Teams are slowly getting in the flow of the game and games are getting exciting!

First game between Failed Passes vs Designated Drinkers started with a lot of fire, with both teams scoring at will. Then the adjustments came and Fail Passes turned the corner and kept putting up the points. Designated Drinkers just seemed like they were confused and expected someone to help save the day. Too many missed flags and dropped passes came to be the difference makers.

Second game, The Immobilizers and Tittsburgh Feelers was somewhat of a warmup game for The Feelers. The Immobilizers were short players as they only took the field with only eight players, they put up a fight but the feelers just had too much fire power to stop. They picked them apart and saved their energy for the next game as they had a double header against the always ready and loaded Back That Pass Up.




The final game between Back That Pass Up and Tittsburgh Steelers had everything a football fan could want: Energy, deep passes and some good ole fashion (friendly) trash talking. The game was intense on both sides of the ball, and both teams used their playmakers to bail them out in tough situations. But the game would come down to the last possessions and the team that could strategize and adapt. The score was close, but in the end two interceptions from Back That Pass Up in the red zone were the final mistakes that cost them the game.