Champions Crowned! (Monday’s)


Gronky Kong


There was a lot of excitement out at the park tonight! Several teams came ready to play but were also ready to drink. As teams dropped off, the party started with the pits getting warmed up and the drinks flowing. Whatever a team’s results for the night, everyone took the results in stride and saw it as an opportunity to drink more sooner. It was great to see everyone drinking and laughing and cheering. It made the games more exciting and the atmosphere ideal. Because in the end, this is what SSC is about: being social and having a good time with friends and teammates.



First games of the night began with Stick It In vs Neva On Time. It was the first of many games that would come down to the end. So many nail biters, you couldn’t choose a winner. Neva On Time tried their best to keep the game close by scoring late, but the game would come down to extra points, and Stick would survive and advance.

Old school vs Multiple Scoregasms was going to be the beginning of a long night for Old School. They seemed to have showed up ready to play and meant business, taking care of Scoregasms with a final score of 43-14.

Fractured But Whole vs Guey-cist was going to be a shootout in the second half. It took Fractured until the second half to rise to the occasion and make it a game, but they still unfortunately fell short with Guey-cist 33 to Fractured But Whole 27.

Gueycist vs Cold Cuts was a good second round match-up with both teams fired up and ready to play. Cold came out looking to make it a quick game, but it took them longer than they expected. In the end, they pulled out the victory, Cold Cuts, 34, to Gueycist, 21.



Old school vs Cunning Stunts had the same results as the first. Old School just looked like a team determined to make it as far as their skills would take them. School was stacked with talented play-makers that helped them roll by Cunning Stunts, 46-18.

Gronky Kong vs Netflix and Skill was such a close game, not a single observer could take their away from it. Netflix had their opportunity to put the game away, but Kong wasn’t about to hand the game over to them. A few costly turnovers all but sealed Netflix’s fate. A costly last minute interception was just too much to overcome tonight, Gronky Kong 25 to Netflix and Skill 18.

Gronky Kong vs cold Cuts had all the hype going into the game, but it quickly got out of control for the Cold Cuts as they missed one key ingredient: their QB. The backup did what he could do, but putting in a new QB in the playoffs is a tall task for any team. Unfortunately for Cold Cuts, it would be too much as Gronky Kong took the game, 35-20.

Stick it in vs Old School was hands down the game of the night as it took every second of the game to determine a winner. With this being the third game of the night for both, they handled themselves extremely well. In the final seconds we couldn’t crown a winner so we headed into O.T., and man, what a game! Stick It In won the toss and decided to take the ball first. They took advantage by scoring easily, but unfortunately the extra point was no good. School’s turn was up and they took advantage of knowing what they needed to do. Scoring and then choosing to go for the extra point from the five yard line had all eyes on the field. As the last pass was thrown towards the back side of the end zone, the receiver out jumped everyone to haul down the winning final touchdown. Stick it in 34 to Old School 35.

Championship Game Old School Vs Gronky Kong was going to be an all out scorefest! Both teams started off riding their wave from their previous games with the first half close at Gronky Kong, 15, to Old School, 14. The second half, the grind of the night was clearly wearing on Old School as one of their players was injured and left them unable to play and without one of their key weapons. As the game entered the final minutes, the game started to get away from Old School and they were unable to get back on top. It was a great effort from both teams, playing their hearts out and leaving it all on the field. The final score in this one: Gronky Kong, 35, to Old School, 28.


Thanks to all of our teams for coming out each and every night. Everyone truly made this season an awesome and memorable one! We look forward to seeing everyone again next season!