Champions Crowned! (Monday’s)


Pylon Pythons


We started off the night with forfeit from the top seeded Social team which let their opponent move into the championship round only leaving two teams to battle it. Our first Social game of the night had Gronky Kong vs Pylon Pythons, which from the get-go, had both teams matching touchdown for touchdown. It was a very exciting game as it would come down to who made the most mistakes and who made their extra points. The game started off close, but as the game progressed the Pythons took over and pulled away at the end getting the win by a final of 46-34.


In the Championship game we had Pylon Pythons fresh off their win vs Stick It In who had a first round bye due to the forfeit. Championship games bring out the best in everyone and with both teams being veterans, they knew what they had to bring to the field. It seemed evenly matched at first, but a few costly mistakes turned the tide for the Pythons to take advantage of Stick It In’s mistakes. Quickly the score ran up and a new summer Social champ was crowned, Pylon Pythons 46 vs Stick it In 26.




Team Legacy

Super Social had more of a variety when it came to teams, more teams made the playoffs so the bigger the opportunity to play more games. Team Legacy started off the night vs Deflated TD’s and man, was it a good game. Deflated TD’s started off hot scoring in every position and even caused a few turnovers. But just when it looked as the game was going to be one sided, Team Legacy forced some clutch turnovers of their own and was able to capitalize with scores. It wasn’t until the final minutes that they would take their first lead, but of course, it’s the final score that matters and they stole this victory to advance. It’s tough to see such good teams fall, but Team Legacy earned that win. On the second field we had Sacks n Racks vs Strictly Biznez and both teams showed up ready to play ball. Sacks n Racks also had the early game which would be a long night for them as well. Both teams fought hard, but Sacks n Racks were a little bit more experienced and pulled out the win, 38-21.



Super Social Championship game brought us the two teams that started off our night. Sacks n Racks and Team Legacy. Both teams had long roads to make is this far as this would be each’s third game of the night. Fatigue played a huge factor for both teams, but Team Legacy had the gender plays on lock down, scoring at will with their females. It was a great all around game, but as always there can only be one Champion and the winner of the night would be Team Legacy by a score of 42-21.


Congratulations to Team Legacy and Pylon Pythons, and thank you to all of our awesome teams and spectators this season! We look forward to doing it again soon!