Champions Crowned! (Monday’s)

It’s playoff time in San Antonio! Great games were played all night long, and every one was competitive and played their best. To start us off, g game to play for the championship White Lambs vs Little Titans. Both teams came out hot, but with these teams, gender plays are the show. High scoring and clock management is what this game came down to in this one. Both teams scored at will, but like every game, it just takes one mistake to fall behind, and they playoffs are no different. Unfortunately, the Little Titans made a mistake in which they could not recover. Final: White Lambs, 34, Little Titans, 21.


Championship Game: This is Chad vs White Lambs, and boy were we in for one heck of a game for the books! Both teams feature some of the most athletic and heavily talented teams from both their males and females. It was a straight out battle consisting of deep plays, gender and everything that makes a game great. Our hats are off to both teams who not only played a great game, but also were very classy in victory and defeat. Now, once again, mistakes and turnovers decide the game. This is Chad had the first turnover at a crucial time, and we thought that that would be the game. White Lambs scored to take the lead leaving only 30 clicks on the clock to pull off a miracle for This is Chad. The football gods heard their prayers and with great routes and catches, This is Chad threw a deep corner route to take the lead. Time was left for one last gender play for White Lambs, but they came short final score White Lambs, 40, This is Chad, 46.




Congratulations This is Chad! We also want to extend a big thank you to all of our great teams and spectators for being awesome this season! We will miss the great atmosphere that we had out here, but we look forward to doing it all again next year! Happy Holidays!