Champions Crowned! (Wednesday’s)

Playoff night everyone is excited the night is finally here. The intensity and excitement is in the air along with a few drinks. Usually there is more beer drinking involved on football nights but tonight it was all business for most. There was a lot of excitement in the air, it was time to crown a Champion!


burgh Feelers was a different game from what the Immobilizer’s first opponent brought to the field. The Feelers were firing on all cylinders as they ran away with the game. Final score: Immobilizers, 29, Feelers, 42.

Now the game that both teams had been waiting for had come upon us with Back that pass up vs Smash & Dash. This game had everything from deep passes to interceptions with some awesome female playmaking. The game was back and forth with it coming down to who would end up with the ball at the end. Final score Back that Pass Up 25 to Smash & Dash 34.

Championship game Smash & Dash vs Tittsburgh Feelers had everyone on the edge of their seats. Both teams came out firing, making the game look like an old fashion shootout. Both teams looked great and on point, but in the end, mistakes kill everyone. Smash & Dash had the chance to finish the undefeated Feelers off heading into the red zone, but the Feelers come away with the interception to seal the deal. Feelers, 30, Smash & Dash, 20.


Thanks to everyone who made this an awesome and memorable season! We had a blast! We hope to see everyone again next season!